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All SEO PowerSuite editions include

Below you will find the top-important features of SEO PowerSuite that help craft a winning SEO strategy for every project. These features are available in all SEO PowerSuite editions.

Local &
Global SEO
Target specific locations, optimize sites for keywords in any language, and do SEO globally or locally (or both!) with SEO PowerSuite’s advanced local search settings.
Profound Keyword
Discover heaps of profitable keywords that are easy to optimize for with SEO PowerSuite’s 17 keyword research methods and metrics like Keyword Difficulty.
Competition Analysis
Uncover competitors’ keywords, rankings, backlinks, and content strategy – and implement their foolproof techniques on your own site.
Advanced Rank
Monitor organic and universal rankings in 300+ search engines, match keywords to landing pages, and easily track progress made over time.
AdWords & Analytics
Get stats on competition, search volume, CPC, page visits, bounce rates, traffic through keywords and backlinks, etc. by syncing SEO PowerSuite your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts.
SEO & Technical
Site Audit
Easily detect all technical and SEO problems on your site, like poor redirects, broken links, validation and crawlability issues, etc. — and get clear, specific tips on how to fix them.
Social Media
Get stats on pages’ and backlinks’ popularity in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedn, Pinterest, and other social networks.
Content & HTML
Measure optimization rates of landing pages for target keywords, and get specific optimization tips based on top-ranking competitors and SEO best practices.
Panda & Penguin
Detect and take care of duplicate content; identify risky backlinks and easily contact webmasters right from the software to have them taken down.
Sitemap & Robots.txt
Generate sitemaps and robots.txt files in SEO PowerSuite to save locally on your computer or upload to your site right away.
Backlink Research
& Audit
Uncover all backlinks to any site, run real-time link checks, and measure every link’s quality and Penalty Risk.
Quality Link Building & Management
Find new link prospects and do outreach using a built-in email client; build and regularly verify links to make sure they are still in place, have the right anchors, etc.
“Not Provided”
Unlock Google Analytics’ hidden data in SEO PowerSuite and have the “not provided” visits calculated with 91% precision.
Stay 100% search engine friendly with SEO PowerSuite’s advanced search safety settings, like search engines’ APIs, proxy rotation, CAPTCHA recognition, etc.
Have all your questions on SEO PowerSuite answered promptly in our Live Chat or via email by our first-class Customer Service team.
6 Interface Languages
Install SEO PowerSuite in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian or French — or contact Support for your language to be added soon.

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